Cleansing with Infiniteus

Mental Clarity. Digestion aid. curb food cravings. glowing skin. increase energy. weight loss.


Cleansing with organic, raw, cold-pressed juice helps the body rid itself of toxins that have built up over time. It fills the body with powerful nutrients and antioxidants without burdening the digestive system. Juice cleansing helps the body enter an alkaline state. It is difficult for disease and illness to survive in a clean alkaline body. 

Reasons to Cleanse
Reasons to Cleanse

• Kick-starting a new diet, helps curb food cravings.
• Breaking old habits (caffeine/tobacco).
• Increasing the body's natural energy.
• Reducing inflammation.
• Soothing a sluggish digestive tract​.

What to Expect
What to Expect

• Clearer thoughts.
• Increased energy.
• Improved digestion.
• Reduced cravings (sugar, sodium and carbohydrates).
• Brighter/improved skin, "the juice glow."

Why to Cleanse with Infiniteus?
Why to Cleanse with Infiniteus?

• Our new cleanses focus on the individual and the desired outcome they wish to achieve.
• Always Organic - Never Compromised
• Served in reusable glass jars with reusable lids
• Local produce 
• Tons of new drinks and upgraded elixirs
• New supplement add-ins

​Prior to a cleanse, we recommend increasing raw food intake and decreasing processed foods like meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.

Hydration -
Start the day with warm water and lemon. This will jumpstart the digestive system and liver. Drink 1-2 glasses of water between each juice. Stay hydrated because the body will be flushing out toxins and creating space for new nutrients.

Eating -
We recommend sticking solely to the juices, almond milks, and waters. However, if eating is essential choose foods like bananas, strawberries, apples or avocados. Our shop has a variety of raw snacks that compliment the various juices and continue to help the body reap the cleansing benefits. 

Order -
The cleanse includes 6-7 different drinks. A guide may be provided upon request for the order in which to drink your juices. We encourage everyone to follow their instincts and drink the juices in the order that they feel. Your cleanse should be fun and not a task. If you want that green juice before your beet juice, go right ahead!

Tea -
Drinking herbal decaffeinated tea such as ginger, mint, and lemon is optional, but will provide additional benefits.

Exercise -
Working out is optional. Drink plenty of water if exercising.

Take it slow. Remember, your digestive system hasn't dealt with any fiber and it could be a shock to the system. Start with easy to digest raw whole foods like fruits (all berries and soft fruits like mangos are best). Then ease into your veggies. If you have no cravings and feel fulfilled with what you have been eating and drinking then GO RAW! A raw/uncooked diet of fruits and veggies has been shown to have incredible benefits and has been shown to reverse many ailments.