About Us

Infiniteus is dedicated to assisting the realization of a collective consciousness by bridging smaller sciences as educational pathways to living the idea of the Infinite. We inspire people to have the Infinite life experience, physically, mentally and spiritually. Our planet provides us with the physical nourishment of organic juicing and health products, and the mental/spiritual resources of crystals to help us reach an infinite us. ​

Located in Chicago, IL, Infiniteus is a multi-faceted shop, known for its rocks and juice. As an organic juice bar combined with a metaphysical crystal shop we promote wellness on physical and energetic levels. The front of the shop features an organic juice bar with selections of high-end supplements and superfoods; head to the back of the shop, up the ramp and past the local art gallery, and enter the rock room to find an array of crystals, mineral specimens, and high-end jewelry.